Your Scenica account is where licenses you bought for Scenica apps1 are stored.

Account Number

Your account number is generated when you create an account. It is the number you use to unlock the apps you bought. It acts as a password to access your account, so keep it safe.

If you lose your license number, you can reset your account number.

Unlocking Apps

You can only unlock an app on as many devices as you have licenses in your account. When you unlock an app, the device you activate will be registered in your account. Later you can re-lock the app by detaching your account, and that will make it available to unlock another device.

Before you delete a Scenica app from a device, you must detach your account from the app first in order to unregister the device from your account. If you don’t, the license won’t be available when comes the time to unlock another device.

If you lose a device or if it suddenly becomes non-functional, contact support to get your license back. We’ll try to remotely revoke it, and after a delay it should become available again.

Internet Requirement

Scenica Player only needs an internet connection to unlock the app, to link it to your account, and to detach your account. There is no ongoing connectivity requirement.

Scene Maestro needs an internet connection to unlock with your account number, and detach it from your account to transfer the license. There is no ongoing connectivity requirement.

Purchasing Licenses

Scenica Player for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone can be unlocked for one device with a purchase inside the app, using your Apple ID account. Once you made a purchase, you can link it to your Scenica account, and can later detach your Scenica account from the app to make the purchase available for use on another device.

Scenica Player for Mac and Scene Maestro can be bought on the Scenica website. You must first create an account, and then from the account page you can purchases licenses. Use your account number to unlock the apps.

One More for Backup for Scene Maestro

It’s always good to have a backup plan. To make things less stressful, you’ll always be able to unlock Scene Maestro on one additional Mac than the number of licenses you bought with your account. If you bought 1, you’ll be able to unlock Scene Maestro on 2 Macs; bought 2: 3 Macs; etc. (If you bought zero, you still get zero though.)

This backup is intended for short notice emergencies like your Mac having problems at a time you can’t afford to fiddle with licensing issues. With it you can quickly switch to a backup Mac and do your work.

The convenience of an additional unlocked copy is provided with the expectation that in a normal situation the app will not be used simultaneously on more more devices than was purchased. Scenica may revoke this privilege in case of abuse.

Note that you only get one backup per account. If you require more, please purchase enough licenses to provide the redundancy you need.

  1. Scenica Player M does not use a Scenica account. It depends on Apple’s licensing system for organizations instead of the one described here. ↩︎