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FAQ: Scenica Player

How to purchase Scenica Player?

Scenica Player can be unlocked directly on your Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad with an in-app purchase. If you’re on a Mac you can buy it from the website.

Each purchase unlocks the app on one device. See Licensing for more details.

Can I transfer Scenica Player to another device?

To transfer your Scenica Player purchase between devices, link the app on the device that made the purchase to a Scenica account. The purchase is released in your account and can be linked to the app another device.

I deleted the app, have I lost my purchase?

In general you should detach the app from your Scenica account before deleting it. But things happens so…

First try to reinstall the app on the same device and see if the purchase is still there. This is very likely to work on the Mac, but less likely with Scenica Player on the Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone.

If reinstalling does not work, please contact support with your Scenica account email, time of purchase, device model, and host name (as shown in big letters when you open Scenica Player) and we might be able to restore it to your Scenica account. This could take some time however.

No Proximity Blackout?

This feature is only available on iPhone. There is no proximity sensor on iPad or iPod Touch, nor on the Mac or Apple TV.

FAQ: Scene Maestro

Why can’t I see players in the list?

If when adding a screen you don’t see the one you are looking for, check the following things.

Make sure Scenica Player is open and that remote control is enabled in Scenica Player’s More tab.

Scenica Player must be connected to the same local network as Scene Maestro. Generally this means they must both be connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.

Scenica apps communicate over ports TCP and UDP 44188 and 48184. Make sure those ports are not blocked by a firewall. Ask your network administrator if you are unsure.

Changing the refresh rate does not work, is that normal?

For the refresh rate choice to be effective, it needs to be enabled in the Apple TV settings. In the Video and Audio settings > Match Content, make sure Match Frame Rate is On and select the refresh rates you want to use under Unverified Formats to confirm that they work correctly.

Connecting another TV or monitor will likely require this verification to be done again. If that is an issue, an EDID emulator can be used to make another screen appear as the original screen you verified.

At the moment, refresh rate cannot be changed for the Mac, iPad or iPhone player.

Can I use Scenica Player without Scene Maestro?

Sure. Open files from an HTTP server and view NDI streams on the local network, or local files on iPad and iPhone. Use Gamma Board to make color adjustments. It’s a bit less convenient though.